Walter Palmer, Owner/Builder/Broker

“Knowledge to share, Experience to use”

Walt has been in business for more than four decades and has your best interests at heart!

Walt was raised right here in Anne Arundel County. His career actually started when he was 12 years old build­ing a summer home with his father to enjoy their weekends in Anne Arundel County. When he was 20 years old he acquired a Maryland Real Estate li­cense. After college graduation, Walt worked for three local home builders before opening his own busi­ness in 1977, at age 27. Walt then took $10,000 he had saved and borrowed a pickup truck to start building two homes in the same com­munity he was raised. From there, his career blossomed and he’s now designed and built about 700 homes.

The Palmer Company has turned into one of the largest in-house residential home builders. We own all of our equipment and complete every step of the project, from start to finish, to save you time and money!

In 1997, Walt built Arnold Farms, a 13-acre garden center that offers the community beautiful landscape designs, high-quality plants, outdoor living furniture and home improvement services.

In addition to these businesses, Walt has developed a mobile billboard company that has been operating for nearly a decade. The billboard trucks run in major East Coast cities as an affordable form of advertising. Walt holds a degree in architecture, a Maryland Home Improvement license, a Maryland Real Estate Bro­kers license, a New Home Builders license, and a mold remediation license. Walt Palmer is your trusted advisor when it comes down to making one of the biggest decisions in your life, building or im­proving the home for your family in Anne Arundel County.