What’s New in Custom Homes? What Do You Need?

So, with all the buzz about new home trends, it seems the one consistency is, literally, needs! Thanks to innovation, technology and products that add value to a home, we are better able to build to suit than ever! Questions to be considered include: What do I need to live comfortably in my new home? What is my lifestyle/how do I want to use my home? How do my current needs mesh with my future? At its most basic, clients say they want their home to be easy to maintain, with a practical use for everything and to be easy to live in and enjoy!

What do today’s clients typically seek? Among the most popular: practical design features, like uninterrupted flow between rooms and less places to accumulate clutter. Need for comfort or ease, as less time is available (ironically) to take care of a home. Maintenance-free or low-maintenance products that are longer-lasting and less susceptible to wear and tear. Energy-efficient and practical appliances. Ways to use rooms throughout all stages of life as children grow up and move out (or move back in). Consideration for space for aging parents or visits from family and friends. Maximizing the enjoyment of their property.Use of cell phone or the Internet to control the elements and features.

People are also spending more time in their homes socially and professionally so they want to incorporate their social and professional needs into their home design. The result is increasingly new ways to use the space typically given “traditional” room spaces.

A few examples:

Kitchens are frequently a “hub” for entertaining, sometimes even eliminating the traditional “dining room”. An open floor-planned kitchen with ample counter space, ventilation and appliances can be the centerpiece of the entire house. They also are more “green”, with “recycling centers” which allow convenient ways to streamline a cleanup routine. You can even buy appliances which use an Internet-connected display which gives you access to all controls via Internet or cell phone. Desk and “homework” nooks are also popular additions.

Recent research states 1 in 5 people work from home. In fact, home offices ranked as the fourth most important feature in a new upscale home according to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders. These flexible spaces for home offices, also called “household planning/communication centers” are defined work spaces with custom cabinetry and outlets for technology ports.

Today, utility rooms are used for everything from laundry to storage to hobby or craft space, storage for household supplies or even as a mud room. These rooms maximize their potential by designing folding/hanging stations, hard surface flooring and a sink for easy clean-up along with convenient storage.

There are many ways to design for families and the so called “sandwich generation” (those caring for children and parents). One way is to build a common room for children- using “nooks” for storage, open space for activities, and areas for projects are designed with materials which are non-toxic, easy to clean and safety-rated. For retirees or those who have aging concerns, we can utilize features such as remote control movable shelves, wider doorways, or more lighting and control over light levels in rooms.

Understanding the ways homes have evolved from “traditional” to needs-based ensures a home you can live in comfortably and happily for many years to come. Palmer Company will take all your needs into consideration upon design; we will truly give you the home of your dreams (and needs!). Call us today at 410-544-3388 and let us show you how Our Name is our Distinction. Our Reputation is our Guarantee.