• Solar Panels have come down in price by 75% in the last 10 years. Lots of state and federal tax breaks and decrease in cost makes them a great investment for new homes. With the opportunity to Save 100% of monthly electric bill 6 years after installation.
  • LED Lighting saves 80% on cost to run, and lasts 25 times longer. We feel this technology has tremendous economic value for homeowners.
  • High-Insulation values conserve 20% more energy, high values such as R-30 and new home building technology consists of much higher air infiltration protection.
  • Automatic light switches in bathrooms and in the washer and dryer area to avoid excess energy use in less frequented rooms.
  • Moisture Control bath fans installed in all bathrooms, keeping possible mold from developing over time.
  • Some Items we researched that haven’t come to economic value are energy efficient appliances, and upgraded high SEER HVAC Units. The return on investment is too low.
  • Water saving toilets that have the two button flush system to conserve water along with water saving faucets and shower heads are all great investments that will lower water usage.

Benefits of Solar Energy

  1. Saving on utility bills in New Home. Over $2000 savings in 1 year (A vacation for the family)
  2. Avoiding any BGE rate changes
  3. Solar living is like planting 120 trees a year.
  4. Planning for the future. After the cost of solar is paid off, all utilities go away.
  5. Helps the water quality of the bay by lowering your carbon footprint by less pollution.
  6. Having a power source when the power is off.

Specification List       

  1.  Total solar system for the size of the home built. This system will be tied into BGE to allow the solar power to be sold back to BGE when necessary. This type of system will also allow you to use BGE power if necessary. 
  2.  2 X 6 exterior walls with R-22 insulation. 14” of blown insulation in ceilings producing R-42 insulation.
  3.  Sealing of all penetrations to exterior made by installing of all trades before dry walling.
  4.  All lights shall be LED type. Which saves 80% of energy from common incandescent lights.
  5. Dual flush toilets controlling the water usage of using the toilet.
  6. Water saving faucets and shower heads greatly reduces water use as great as 50%.
  7. Windows above the energy rating required by the building code and are designed to be over rates to exceed the degree days in our area.
  8. All baths shall be equipped with automatic light switches that enguage when someone walks into the room and turn off when they leave. The baths and the washer dryer area shall be equipped with an automatic switch that operates a ceiling fan when the humidity level exceeds an  acceptable level 
  9. We have reviewed many new items that lead us to feeling they could save money such as: appliances, water heaters, and HVAC upgraded units. Surprising as it may sound the cost of this upgrade was too expensive to justify upgrading. 

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